My home page is not updating spiritual dating websites uk

Posted by / 22-Oct-2017 14:28

My home page is not updating

These may also be referred to as "Extensions" or "Plugins" depending on your browser of choice.

To see if this is the case for you, try disabling all of your Add-Ons.

You may see an error message, or only part of the web site may display. You can confirm whether your ISP’s DNS system is working correctly.

If it isn’t (or even if it is), if you wish, you can change your DNS settings to use a more robust server than the one your ISP recommends.

Sometimes I see timeout errors, yet at other times the site loads fine. There are many reasons why a web page may not load successfully in your browser. A web site’s developers may wrongly choose to use proprietary coding techniques that not every browser knows how to interpret.You can check for this type of issue by using a different browser to visit the web site in question.That’s one of the reasons why I keep Safari, Firefox, and Chrome web browsers handy.After these steps have been attempted, you can go back to using whichever browser you prefer.Please try the following: After resetting, please close the Internet Explorer to allow the changes to take effect.

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Please try each step below, one at a time, in order. The following links will help you to remove the temporary internet files (also referred to as "cache") and cookies for the major PC web browsers.